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The fresh and raw live recording of This Isn't Love (originally released as part of EP Exile, here sung as a duet with the brilliant Sam Jackson) is now available on online music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, Amazon and many more!



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After having released EPs Spring Will come (2013) and Exile (2014) Nadine has released her third and most epic EP yet: A collaboration with producer & composer Dave Holden of Flat 6 Music, with whom she had previously written and recorded Take Me Away which was featured on the Mazda UK advert (2017). Together they forged a unique genre they like to call Cinematic Pop. „It’s epic, it’s timeless, it captures the listeners imagination and makes the stories come to life.”

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MONDAY, 14. OCTOBER 19 LIVE (with band) @ St. Mary's Church London supporting Liberty's Mother EP launch. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/libertys-mother-ep-launch-marylebone-london-tickets-68688088923

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With a distinctive, ethereal voice, London based NADINE is starting to have a real impact in both her native Switzerland and the UK. Nadine grew up in the picturesque Emmental, where her multi-instrumentalist mother introduced Nadine to the English-speaking world of soulful pop and first tastes of live music. Nadine is a product of both traditional values and a bursting curiosity for the new. Her music marries timeless, classic writing with current, epic production.

Nadine began singing her own songs when she was only 6 and started experimenting with keyboards soon after. Songwriting quickly became Nadine’s favourite and most natural way of processing experiences and a means of searching for truth & meaning. 

As a teenager, Nadine’s family moved to the city of Biel, where Nadine studied visual arts. Trying to be sensible for a while, Nadine worked in an office. But soon after one of her home-made demos was played on national radio Nadine’s boss told her to go and pursue the career she really wanted. Nadine found herself free to move to where the music is: she came to Britain.

Nadine spent the following years honing her craft, becoming an ever better songwriter and exploring the London music scene, playing stripped back piano sets at venues such as The Bedford, Hoxton Underbelly, The Regal Room, Proud Camden and living room gigs with Sofar Sounds.

Nadine released her innocent debut EP Spring Will Come in 2013 which climbed up the singer-songwriter iTunes charts and lead single Snowflake got a warm reception on BBC Introducing due to Nadine’s fragile and distinctive tones. While writing and producing her second EP Exile (2015) Nadine played bigger Swiss venues such as: Salzhaus Winterthur, Scala Wetzikon, Nordportal and Royal in Baden supporting established Swiss artists Luca Little and James Gruntz.

Exile kept the deep authenticity of Nadine’s work but with a more electronic, atmospheric sound. Lead single This Isn’t Love was featured on different blogs and gained Clare Balding’s attention who played it on BBC Radio 2. 

Nadine has now released her third EP Rise: A collaboration with producer & composer Dave Holden, with whom she had previously written and recorded Take Me Away which was featured on the Mazda UK advert (2017). Elements of the new sound remind of artists in the likes of Aurora and Imogen Heap. 

The journey of the four songs feels transformational, resembling an experience of going through fire, the feeling of losing everything but coming out on the other side golden. Just like the breath-taking lead Single Rise is about gaining heights, the new sound takes Nadine to a whole other level of confident expression of her art.

Nadine’s name means hope and this is the theme that weaves through everything she creates. “We have struggled a lot with mental illness in my family and when faced with hardship I naturally started exploring the meaning of hope. I’m not interested in the sort of hope we sprinkle into well-meaning sentences like “crossing my fingers!” I’d much rather explore the more stubborn hope that’s tested when everything else breaks apart.” Nadine’s honest quest for timeless truth expresses beautifully as both raw and empathetic, vulnerable and powerful.



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